January 7, 2015

Strange Cars

There are so many odd and wonderful cars out there which people clearly need to be made aware of. Most people have very usual cars and will never have even dreamed that the cars I’m about to share with you were ever created. Some may own an old used Peugeot 207, some even a yellow fancy Lamborghini. Our roads have plenty of usual cars out there which would rarely catch our attention. People can make judgments about you depending on the type of car you own such as a old shoddy Suzuki may give off the impression you have financial difficulties, Ferrari will indicate that you’re a rich lucky boy. But in the end, you still get lost in the ocean of similar cars as even Ferrari’s are much more common than they once were.

However, if you really want to stand out from the very usual crowd, and show not just your financial side but also your personality, then what you need cannot be found on sites like carsite or autovillage. If you’re after something crazy, mad, strange and 100% unique then these cars will give you the hints you need.

Hope you enjoy these picture and let me know which one is your favorite.

The Cat Car


The Double Car


The Alien Car


The Grass Car


The Hot Dog Car


Keep me posted on anymore wacky unusual cars you may come across!